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“Tie-Dyed” Easter Eggs

Easter Egg, Tie Dye Easter Egg, Silk Tie

Silk Tie Easter Eggs, Tie Dyed Eggs

If you look closely, you can see parrots on this egg.

I was recently Stumbling and came across a post on how to Dye Easter Eggs with Silk Ties. I saw that and had to try it myself!


  • Silk Ties
  • String (I used dental floss, which if you’re a couponer, you can always find free or cheap)
  • Scissors
  • Eggs
  • Vinegar
  • Water


  1. Cut the threading out of your ties 
  2. Take the white fabric out of the inside of the tie and put aside.
  3. Cut pieces of tie and wrap around the egg.
  4. Wrap your string or floss around the egg until it’s nice and tight. (If gaps are left, you will have white spots on your eggs) 
  5. Wrap the white material from inside the tie around the outside and wrap with floss again.
  6. Boil your eggs for 20-25 minutes in 1/4 c vinegar and the rest water. 
  7. After boiled, let eggs cool at least 10 mins in cold water.
  8. Have fun unwrapping and seeing what fun eggs you’ve made

eggsMy friend Rhea also gave it a try.  She came up with some really cool designs. I think it’s funny that she and I both Stumbled the same post! I think a few of my other bloggy friends are making these eggs as well. If I find their posts I’ll link them up so you can see their pretty designs. I can’t wait to scout out more ties this year and have awesome designs next year!

Tie Dyed Eggs, Easter Eggs, Silk Tie Eggs

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  1. Wow, you are so creative!
    While I was reading this, my daughter was looking over my shoulder at the laptop and wanted me to tell you she loves the name of your blog! 🙂
    I think we are going to have to try this idea. It looks fun too!

    • Thank you! It really was fun seeing what would come out of your ties. It’s not AS fun for the younger ones since they could pretty much just watch. I’m sure they’d have loved the old fashioned way of dying eggs.

  2. well that was awfully smart of you to use the inside batting to wrap around the outside of the eggs! I cut up a baby blanket. duh.

    Yours turned out really great, too. This was so fun.

  3. wow, wow, wow! Those have to be the coolest died eggs I’ve ever seen. I wish I had time to put that kind of effort into them, my kids just get the boring solid colors.

  4. You are the second person I have seen this week that has died eggs this way. These are too awesome. I totally want to make some with the kids.

  5. HA! I stumbled this post too last week. It’s an amazing project and yours turned out so well.

  6. I absolutely love this! I’ve heard of the tie trick, but I’ve never tried it! Looks amazing 🙂

  7. Those are some beautiful eggs! Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial! I am going to share this on facebook, my friends have got to read this!

  8. Those are some pretty cool eggs! y dd is so into tie dye right now but I don’t know if we’ll have time to make these! I forgot to pick up the old dye kit at the store today though so maybe I’ll think about giving this way a try! It really looks like fun!

  9. OMG this is awesome…..maybe i’ll hit the salvation army for some ties and do this instead of dye this year…I tend to get a ‘little’ tense with the three boys bouncing around all that dye and they only get too do a few eggs and this looks like its a little more involved, on their part so they wouldn’t feel jipped…

  10. That beats my PAAS kits!

  11. wow this is more beautiful than the ones I normally see

  12. Wow, you’re so creative and these are very beautiful!

  13. Very pretty! I’m excited to make eggs with my daughter tomorrow.