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Family Dollar Event and $5 Coupon

Family Dollar

Two weeks ago I got to go to an event with Family Dollar. I got to hang out with a bunch of Chicagoland bloggers for the evening. We got to have appetizers and drinks in a Penthouse suite in downtown Chicago. A few of the bloggers I met were Alicia, Jackie, and Maria.

Family Dollar

View from the suite

We got to learn about the history and philosophies of the company. They are not just another fly-by-night dollar store. They care about the families they serve and have strict testing of the items they sell.

They decorated the suite we were in with only items from Family Dollar. They did a great job. Unfortunately I got no pictures of the room. (Sometimes I wonder what I’m thinking when I’m on these events… I always forget important pictures!) They have great decoration items at the store for $20 and under! When we moved into our current house I needed new dishes and found my set at Family Dollar! You’ll see pictures of them all over my blog. They are the plain black dishes.

After we learned about the company we were each given a scenario and a gift card and sent on our way to a Family Dollar store to shop. My scenario was that I was a single dad with 3 kids and a budget of $50 to shop. Pretty close to real life! (Except I’m not male OR single.)
Family Dollar

They have so many toys for $5, $10 and $15! Most are brand name, such as Toy Story 3, My Little Pony, Barbie, etc. I had a good time shopping with my $50. Here’s what I came home with:

Family Dollar

I was also sent home with a few gifts:

Family Dollar

I also wanted to let you know that Family Dollar has two coupons available right now. $5 off $25 or more and 10% off of $100 or more.  You can see the entire Christmas Toy Book here.

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  1. Wasn’t that fun? I don’t know how I would meet my monthly budget without Family Dollar in my neighborhood!

  2. LOVE Family Dollar. would of loved to of attended that event. Family dollar really can help you keep your Christmas budget under control I usually stop and shop there 3 to 4 x’s before Christmas.

  3. I stumbled for you 😀

  4. It was a great event! Glad we had a chance to chat 🙂

  5. That sounded like a lot of fun. I wish I could get some nice blog opps like that for my blog.