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Couponing Feb 22: Fails and Scores

I went to a couponing class this weekend and was all excited to go coupon shopping this morning. I made a couple of beginner mistakes, but all in all I think I did ok.


Gillette Fusion Power Razor $8.99-$4 mf-$4 RR= .99

Venus Embrace Razor $8.99-$2 mc- $4 RR= $2.99  $6.99 I forgot to do the razors separate so didn’t get the RR. 🙁

Free Olay Body Wash with purchase of Venus Embrace $5.29-$5.29= $0!

Right Guard Deoderant B1G1F deal. $2.99-$2 mc= 2/.99 or .45 ea!

Excedrin Migraine (love this stuff when not Pregnant or breastfeeding, soon…) $2.50-$2 mf- $2 RR= -$1.50 Money Maker!

Hershey’s Pieces Candy 4/$10- $5 RR- $2 mf= 4/$2 or .75 ea

Goody Ouchless Elastics $2.00- $2 RR= .99

I paid $29.28 out of pocket but I have $11 RR for the next time I go back. I also saved $33.23 in sales and coupons alone! 53.16% Savings!


Colgate Toothpaste $2.99-$2 ECB-.75mf= .24

Snickers 2/.99-.50/2 mf= 2/.49 or .25 ea

Lady Speed Stick $2.99-$2 ECB-.50 mf= .49 $2.49 OUCH! (For some reason the ECB on this deal was no longer valid

Colgate Toothbrushes $10.97-$5 ECB- $1.50 mf= 3/$4.47 or $1.49 each. (deal was not as good as expected because I thought there would be $1.99 toothbrushes and there weren’t.) 🙁

Softsoap .88-.50 mf= .38

Spent $16.23 out of pocket and have $7 ECB for my next trip. Only a 28.69% savings.



You get to see everything else I paid for as well.

Not everything I bought was sale/coupons… I did a little extra shopping as well. I’ll share the deals.

Scotch Fur Fighter $3.99- $4 mf= FREE

Mitchum Deodorant $1.99-$1 mf= .99

Orbit gum $1.77 $2.39-$1 mf= 3/$1.39 or .46 ea (It was supposed to ring up $1.77, but I missed it. As it was, the cashier rang it up twice and I focused on that and got my refund for that. sigh)

Swiffer Starter Pack $8.99-$2 mf= 6.99

Swiffer refill $4.79- $4.79 mf= Free (Coupon to buy any swiffer starter pack, get a free refill.)

Amount paid on those products $7.36 + tax. Savings $15.49. 67.79% savings!

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Paula Krueger considers herself a "baby "chef, not because she cooks for babies, but because she's still learning how to cook. She started this blog after taking Wilton method classes and at that point was more interested in baking. She's since become more interested in learning to cook as her family has grown. She also covers product reviews and travel as well.


  1. Good Job. I have found if they don’t have the deal item I just wait and come back or just skip it completely like the tooth brushes. Its only a deal when you get that sale item. It takes practice and the right mind set. Like you can’t get excited and just buy whatever. I have done it and have to practice it wkly when I go shopping. I always ask if they have more and if they know when more are coming in. I missed out on shaving gel this wkend and was disappointed which is so funny. I already have 3 at home. But it is something I go thru in the summer.

  2. Good Job.I did a publix trip this morning and the bill was 153.00 after coupons it was 48.00!!!!!!I love coupons