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Make Blogging easier with Co-Schedule

Do you find yourself having a hard time keeping up on what blog post is due when? How about your social shares after you post? I’ve always been the paper and pen kind of gal until I found Co-Schedule. I love that you can schedule out each post that you need to write and also […]

Online Forums

What kind of online forums do you visit? There are forums for everything! There are weight loss, blogging, crafting, knitting, health, wellness, depression forums, etc. I started out my forum addiction with the Weight Watchers forums when I was trying to lose weight back in 2004. I spent hours at work every day hanging out […]

Comments Wanted

My friend Greg over at Telling Dad made a video with a bunch of blogging buddies. It’s a parody of a Miley Cyrus song: Seven Things. It’s called “Say the Things.” There’s nothing a blogger likes more, than to hear comments, feedback on what they’re doing. I loved watching the video and thought you might […]