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Give baby the iron they need with Gerber Cereals

Start your day with Gerber Cereals

As Joey gets older and more active, he needs more food in his body to keep him full and happy. With his food allergies I have to be careful what I give him. Luckily Gerber makes an Organic Rice Cereal that is gluten free. Unfortunately, I think that gluten is one of his problem foods. He finds things on the floor that his toddler sister drops and eats them. Whenever he finds a pretzel or piece of snack bar he seems to break out more.

Start your day with Gerber Cereals

We start Joey’s day off with a little bit of Gerber Organic Rice Cereal mixed with his favorite fruit, his probiotics, and other supplements that his doc prescribed. He doesn’t like the cereal by itself, but gobbles it up with apples and peaches mixed in.

Start the day with Gerber Cereals

We picked up our Gerber Cereals and fruits to mix in at Walmart in the baby aisle. I like that there are so many varieties to hopefully get a fit for everyone. We’d try more if we could. One of my favorite things about Gerber Cereals is that they are non-GMO and I especially love the fact that I can get an organic version as well.

Start the day with Gerber Cereals

If you star baby’s day off with Gerber Cereals and feed him the cereal one other time during the day, baby will receive 90% of the daily value of iron.  They also deliver a nutritional blend of Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and six B Vitamins thanks to Gerber’s VitaBlocks for healthy growth. They have no artificial colors or flavors and the packaging is made without the use of BPA.

Start the day with Gerber Cereal

Joey hates when meal time is over. He wants more Gerber Cereals with fruit added in. We are doing our best to keep his skin clear and get him the nutrition he needs. Has your baby tried Gerber Cereals yet?

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