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Keeping Kids Healthy and Safe in the Summer

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I can’t believe summer vacation is already over for our family! We definitely had a very busy summer. I’m not sure what all we did, because it never felt like we had time to do anything, but I know we did stuff. There was three weeks of day camp, one week of resident camp, my trip to BlogHer, and family vacation which just ended last week. Over the summer we had to do a few things to help keep the kids healthy and safe:

I serve them a lot of fresh fruit throughout the summer. My kids eat a lot of apples, strawberries and peaches specifically.
Give them vitamins daily: they get a multi-vitamin, a whole foods vitamin, vitamin C and a probiotic.
Drinking lots of water to keep them hydrated. I try to let them have only one sugary drink per day such as juice or chocolate milk. The rest of the time it has to be water or regular milk.
When they will be in the sun for a long time or in the water, we are sure to slather them up with sunscreen.
Get them outside for exercise! (There are days that Buddy just wants to play video games all day, um no!) This is the one time of the year that they don’t have to be a slave to the desk and only one recess per day for 15 minutes. Run, jump, ride bikes, swim!
When riding bikes, they wear helmets. I admit, this doesn’t happen on a regular basis, but when we take a bike ride away from the house everyone wears their helmets.
For the most part, the kids go to bed at their regular bedtimes. Maybe I seem crazy for making the kids go to bed at the same time as during the school, but sleep is important to their little bodies, and to ME! If I don’t get my alone time after 8pm and get to sleep early enough I’m grumpy and tired the next day.

Now that we’re back to school I have only one little one to worry over throughout the day and he tends to stick to my side like glue when big brother and sister are gone. I need to get him in more of a schedule to keep up with the outdoor playtime until it gets too cold. What are some ways that you keep your kids healthy and safe over the summer?

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