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Free Healthy Snacks eCookbook!

All this talk of healthy food and snacks and I came across this link from CouponGeek.

Fave Diets is offering a free 40 recipe eCookbook featuring healthy snacks.

Included in This 48-Page eCookbook:

Fun Healthy Kids Snacks
Healthy Snacks for Teenagers
Low Fat Low Calorie Snacks
Healthy Snacks for Diabetics
Low Sodium Snacks
Healthy Easy Party Snack Recipes

Fun Healthy Kids Snacks

Banana Yogurt Pops – The kids will love to make their own popsicles, and, in this healthy children’s snack, the sugar is optional! (page 6)

Red Licorice Candy Bars – Learn how to make licorice with this homemade licorice recipe for licorice candy. (page 8)

Healthy Snacks for Teenagers

Baked Blooming Onion – This blooming onion recipe will blow you away. Onions are a sweet and healthy vegetable option. (page 15)

Protein Energy Bars – Cinnamon, dates and coconut make these bars a tasty snack. (page 19)

Low Fat Low Calorie Snacks

Dark Chocolate and Cereal Snack Mix – This fun snack for kids proves that sweet and decadent can be healthful and nutritious too. (page 22)

Veggie Dip Cups – Create the filling in just a few easy steps and pipe it right into your cut veggies for an awesome treat that won’t require a plate. (page 24)

Healthy Snacks for Diabetics

Garlic Onion Popcorn – This fun healthy kids snack deserves to go on your list of healthy snacks that you always make. This low calorie treat showcases the lighter side of popcorn. (page 29)

Warm “Pepperoni Pizza” Olives – Spicy cubes of pepperoni compliment the delectable olives while garlic and oregano gives the impression that you are enjoying the American classic! (page 30)

Low Sodium Snacks

Cinnamon Raisin Trail Mix – For hikes and other active days, mix up a tasty trail mix to keep you going. This slightly sweet mix is a joy to snack on. (page 35)

Easy Spinach Bites – Spinach provides this easy party snack with loads of essential vitamins and minerals. (page 37)

Healthy Easy Party Snack Recipes

Vegetable Hummus – Spice up your hummus recipes with fresh vegetables like carrots, tomato and red peppers! (page 43)

Quick and Easy Bruschetta – This recipe is light and healthy, and serves as a great replacement for typical fried treats. (page 45)

I can’t wait to try some of these out for Taste Test Tuesday!
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